Enjoy Your Present Circumstances

It may be tempting to always follow your natural desire to experience more than that which you are presently experiencing, but nonetheless it can be of tremendous value for you to enjoy that which you are presently experiencing. For example, if you were to set your sights on manifesting a mansion for yourself, you would certainly be able to accomplish this goal, but you must keep in mind that your life experience will reflect the thoughts you have been thinking in your mind.

Thus, while your experience would transform to match your desire to own a mansion, this desire and the related thoughts would displace your focus upon other topics. While you would manifest a mansion, your life would be different as a result.

For instance, your day to day experience would be different, the people that would surround you would be different, and those you interact with on a regular basis would also be different to a certain extent. If you manifest a large mansion in a remote location, you may manifest that mansion, but you might be the only one there to enjoy it since you would inevitably give up the opportunity to focus on other people as you take the time to focus on manifesting your mansion.

For this reason, you should enjoy your present circumstances right now to the fullest extent possible to improve your point of attraction to the greatest extent possible. As you give your attention to manifesting a mansion, you attract matching experiences of owning a mansion, but if you give your attention to enjoying the present moment, you will attract more experiences where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the present moment and since the Universe will match the way you feel in any given moment as it brings you future experiences, you will likely feel much better as a result of enjoying your present circumstances compared to the way you would feel while manifesting a mansion.

Of course, you can also mix the present experiences you find to be desirable with the idea of the mansion you want to manifest to attract experiences that match both desires to bypass this effect to a certain extent, but the extreme example of displacement shown here highlights the significant benefits of enjoying that which you are presently experiencing to the maximum extent possible.