The Nature Of Time

The true nature of time is the direct result of the Universe being vibrational in nature. The Universe is a very advanced, very complex, intertwining mixture of vibrational frequencies sourced from a foundation of pure energy. Time is thus the result of this intertwining dance that occurs between the various vibrational frequencies in existence.

From your perspective, time is the result of changes in your focus. As you give your attention to one vibrational frequency, and then another, time passes. Thus, time is simply a change in the vibrational frequencies you give your attention.

Due to the nature of time, your life experience may reflect similar experiences throughout your lifetime or it may be a rapidly advancing ever-changing mixture of vibrational frequencies depending on how you choose to focus.

If you choose to give your attention to the same vibrational frequencies throughout your life, you will continually encounter experiences of the same vibrational frequencies as time progresses. On the other hand, if you choose to give your attention to the vibrational frequencies of your desires, your life experience will continue to evolve to match your focus and thus present matching experiences of the same vibrational frequencies as those of your desires.

For this reason, you should give as much attention to your desires as you possibly can. As a result, time will naturally progress as your focus continually transforms thereby creating a sense of time, but it will continually transform into a desirable life experience that perfectly matches your desires.

You can manipulate time in a way through the alteration of your thoughts too. A dramatic change in your thoughts with much more focus being placed upon your desires will result in your desires becoming a reality at a much faster pace.

In summary, time is a change in the vibrations you focus upon. Time is a change in the way you feel and focus along with a corresponding change in the experiences you have as a result of this change in the way you feel and focus. Time is a change in your perspective of the infinite, and as your perspective of the infinite changes, time advances and your life experience evolves to match.