The Universe Matches The Way You Feel

Thoughts should be used to guide the way you feel into good feeling directions and to discover the feeling of fulfilling your desires, but once you know how it feels to fulfill your desires, you should give your undivided attention to that feeling, for the Universe around you is constantly matching the way you feel.

Of course, there are likely other things you would like to do than just sit around focusing on the feeling of having what you want. For this reason, as you inevitably go about your day finding things to do, it is important that you continue to give your attention to the way you want to feel, the way it feels to have what you want.

By doing so, you will likely still alter your point of attraction a bit by giving your attention to subjects beyond your desires and the way you want to feel, but you will continue to attract your desires into your life at a very rapid pace nonetheless.

To do so, take a moment to visualize the experiencing of your dream life. Imagine in a detailed manner the life experiences you want to enjoy. Think in a way that makes you feel as if your desires are being fulfilled. Then, as you are immersed within this visualization, identify the way you feel as you experience your dream life.

Once you have done so, you will know exactly how it feels to live your dream life, for if your desires were to actually manifest in reality, you would feel precisely the same way you feel as you visualize the manifestation of your desires. With this knowledge, you can now discern in every single moment whether or not you are giving your attention to your desires by comparing the way you feel in the present moment to the feeling of experiencing your desires being fulfilled.

To maintain the feeling of your desires being fulfilled throughout each day, you can simply resort back to thoughts about the visualizations you experienced. Each time you revert your attention back to these thoughts, you will instantly harmonize with them and you will experience the same feelings you felt as you engaged in this visualization process. This will then harmonize your personal vibrational frequency, the way you feel, with your desires and result in the manifestation of matching experiences.