Which Vibrations Do You Have Access To?

The thoughts you think and the experiences you have are indicative of the vibrations to which you presently have access. As you give your attention to a specific subject or thought, you begin to harmonize with its subject matter and thus gain access to a greater variety of vibrations relating to it. The same goes for subjects or thoughts you cease to give your attention as well, for as you withdraw your attention from any particular subject or thought, you are given less and less access to those particular vibrations and they therefore play a less important role in your thoughts, feelings, and daily experiences.

For example, the world around you is of a nature matching the particular vibrations you have given your attention up to this point in time. The extent of your reach into the infinite vibrations in existence is limited by the amount of attention you have given to the various vibrations in existence. For example, it may seem that your world only extends as far as the reach of humankind on Earth. It may also seem that you have a limited reach into the Universe beyond Earth due to the limited attention you have given to such subjects. But, if you were an astronomer, your reach into the depths of the Universe and the vibrations that make up the Universe would be far greater. As an astronomer, you would commonly see pictures of the Universe beyond Earth and you would likely have access to a much wider range of thoughts concerning the Universe as a whole and the worlds that exist beyond the scope of planet Earth.

The same would go for someone who has given a great deal of attention to specific subjects here on Earth though. For example, someone who has given extensive thought to the intricacies and strategies inherent in the game of chess knows far more about this game than someone who has not given much of their attention to the subject.

For, as you give your attention to any subject, you gain more access to the infinite range of vibrations that is associated with it. The same goes for memories too. The memories you hold in your mind represent the extent of your reach into your past. Subjects you may have come across in the past, but have failed to continue giving your attention, have likely faded into the abyss of lost memories, because your personal vibration has changed enough that you no longer have access to those particular vibrations.

Memories you have held onto with great fervor on the other hand likely still play an important role in your life. For, as you give any vibration your attention, such as a memory, you activate that vibration within yourself and you alter your point of attraction. Thus, the memories you hold onto from the past are constantly attracting thoughts and experiences unto them. By giving your attention to the past, you have consistently recreated the past in your life and that is the source of the similarities you see in your life today when you compare it to past experiences.

This information can be fully utilized if you are interested in applying the law of attraction to your life. By understanding the fact that you only have access to certain vibrations in any given moment due to your focus, you can now begin to understand how you attract various subjects into your life.

You can also use this information to hone in on specific subjects you wish to attract. Rather than giving your attention to various subjects you come across throughout each day, you can now selectively choose to focus on specific vibrations and thus gain greater access to more vibrations that relate to those particular subjects.

For example, when you attempt to focus on what you want, you are likely distracted by the endless number of vibrations that surround you in your everyday life. This process only occurs because you have given a considerable amount of your attention to the vibrations that surround you.

To stop the attraction of those particular vibrations though, all you have to do is start focusing on the way you want to feel. For, as you focus on the way you want to feel, you will lose access to the vibrations that surround you and you will then only have access to the vibrations of your choosing. Then, you will feel the way you want to feel and you will attract thoughts and experiences that match that particular vibration.