Automated Attraction

Once you have practiced thinking about what you want with great fervor by giving your attention to the details of what you want with passion and strong emotion, the attraction of what you want will become automated.

As the attraction becomes automated, you will find yourself thinking about what you want automatically and you will have experiences in your life that match the vibrational essence of what you are wanting to attract.

By giving your attention to these automated thoughts and experiences that match the vibrational essence of what you want, the attraction between yourself and what you want will become even stronger and this automated process will ultimately become even more powerful.

Automated attraction occurs because the way you feel is your point of attraction. As you give your attention to your desires in the initial phase of their attraction, you will begin to find the feeling that corresponds with their manifestation.

This change in the way you feel, your point of attraction, that occurs as you think these initial thoughts will attract matching thoughts, additional thoughts about your desires. Once these thoughts have been attracted, matching experiences will begin to arise in your life as you become even more aligned with your desires and feel feelings that are similar to the feelings you would experience were your desires a reality.

The ultimate result of this process is a feeling that matches the manifestation of your desires. Thus, automated attraction provides for a powerful way in which you can make your dreams a reality.

To enhance the automated attraction process, think about your desires in a way that generates powerful positive emotion within you. By doing so, you will attract matching thoughts and experiences, thoughts and experiences that will also trigger powerful positive emotion within you.