Positive Emotion Dissipates All Illness

Positive emotion has a healing effect that dissipates illnesses. Negative emotion is the presence of vibrations that are not harmonized with the body. When these undesirable vibrations exist within the body, they can potentially become more widespread and apparent and this effect presents itself in the form of illnesses.

The Universe is based upon pure infinite energy. When you are allowing this energy to flow through you, you vibrate in harmony with frequencies that are high, fast, and pure and these vibrational frequencies perfectly match the manifestation of well-being, good feeling emotions. When you are not allowing the pure infinite energy to flow through you though, you are at that moment vibrating in harmony with low, slow, and impure frequencies that perfectly match the manifestation of illness, bad feeling emotions.

Since positive emotion is indicative of the presence of well being, wellness is the more substantial form positive emotion comes in and it can be used to displace negative vibrations within the body. The more positive emotion a person experiences, the more negative vibrations are displaced within the body. In other words, the more well being that is present within the body, the less illness is present within the body.

You can use this information to your advantage by maximizing the amount of positive emotion you experience. As you maximize the amount of positive emotion you experience, a large amount of negative vibrations will be dissipated and the wellness of your body will be maximized.

You can maximize the amount of positive emotion you experience by giving your attention to the happiest thoughts you can find that trigger equally desirable emotions. By thinking the happiest and most positive thoughts you can find, you will experience a significant amount of positive emotion and spread positive good feeling vibrations throughout your entire body.