Choose Good Feeling Thoughts

Life is like listening to a radio in that you get whatever it is that you attune yourself with. For this reason, you should do your best to make good feeling choices as you select the thoughts you think throughout each day. By choosing good feeling thoughts as you go about your day, you will attune yourself to good feeling thoughts and equally good feeling experiences that will ultimately lead to a life experience that feels good to you overall.

The feelings you currently feel were created by the thoughts you thought leading up to this moment in time and this is true for all moments in time. The way you will feel in the future will be created by the choices you make in this moment and every other moment leading into the future and all subjects you give your attention will play a role in defining the type of thoughts and experiences you attract into your life.

So, before you start giving your attention to a TV show, or before you start thinking about your current state of affairs, you should ask yourself whether or not that is the best choice you can make in that particular moment of time. If there is something in life that you feel would be more desirable than whatever it is you are planning on giving your attention, you should consider giving that your attention instead.

As you give your attention to any subject, you begin to vibrationally attune yourself to that subject and you can see this alignment by observing the way you feel as you give a subject your attention. The vibrational nature of the Universe is most apparent when you find yourself giving your attention to a subject that makes you feel bad and then switch your focus to a subject that makes you feel good. Subjects that make you feel bad are made of an undesirable vibrational frequency that you do not want to attract while subjects that make you feel good are made of a desirable vibrational frequency that you do want to attract.

The way you think about a subject can make a difference as well. You have the option to look at the desirable aspects of the subjects you think about, thoughts about the subjects that make you feel good, but you also have the option to think bad feeling thoughts about the subjects you think about. You should take advantage of this opportunity to choose the thoughts you think as often as possible, because every thought you think about every subject you ponder affects your point of attraction. By choosing good feeling thoughts about every subject you encounter throughout your life, you will set your point of attraction at an optimal vibrational frequency.

Once you start giving your attention to a desirable vibrational frequency, a subject that makes you feel good, you will begin to attract thoughts and feelings that are related to that particular subject. As the attraction process continues to strengthen in relation to that particular subject as you give it additional attention, you will find yourself thinking more about the subject in general and you will become familiar with how that particular subject makes you feel when you give it your attention. These initial thoughts and feelings will ultimately lead to experiences that match them, experiences that make you feel the same way you feel as you give the thoughts and feelings that created them your attention.