Enemies Of Positive Thinking

Even though negative thinking has been directly linked to illnesses, undesirable experiences, and unhealthy psychological states, there are still some people who fight the idea that positive thinking provides an excellent life path for people to follow. Enemies of positive thinking include people who are consistently negative, such as media outlets, angry people, and pessimists, but they are also people who doubt the true power of positive thinking.

Ironically, those who are against the use of positive thought often rely on thoughts that feel bad, negative thinking, to counter the ideas of those who believe in the power of positive thought. For instance, if you visit a doctor and you tell them that positive thought is the cure to all illnesses, they will likely provide you with a response that falls somewhere around the answer of no it does not, but if you take the time to assess how this thought feels, the thought of saying positive thought does not cure all illnesses, you will soon realize that it does not feel good.

If you are an experienced law of attraction practitioner though, you know thoughts that lead to good feeling experiences feel good and thoughts that lead to bad feeling experiences feel bad. Thus, the poor souls who place faith in their doctors often find themselves facing an innumerable number of bad feeling experiences if they believe their doctors as they say this single bad feeling sentence.

Media outlets are another source of constant negativity who have no interest in promoting the power of positivity solely due to their extreme dependence on negativity. Most individuals working for media outlets are looking for the next big story and the next big story in their minds is almost always someone's personal nightmare.

Another enemy of positive thinking is the individual who believes they are being intelligent when they say positive thinking is not as powerful as law of attraction practitioners believe it to be. These individuals often use numerous negative thoughts to counter the idea that positive thinking is very powerful. For instance, those who are not capable of understanding the true power of positive thinking often say individuals who believe in the power of positive thinking are crazy, stupid, or naive. Ironically, these people do not have an understanding of the vibrational nature of the Universe and the fact that these negative thoughts affect their point of attraction and ultimately bring them bad feeling experiences.

With this information in hand though, you can now go forth with your efforts to transform your thinking to better match a positive outlook on life knowing that everyone you come across who doubts the power of positive thinking can only utilize negative thinking to counter your belief that positive thinking is incredibly powerful.