The Difference Between Vibrations

If you have clearly identified what it is you want in life, you need to understand the importance of your newly found preferences. While everything is pure positive energy, your personal preferences have given you the ability to determine which of the vibrational frequencies you have access to are of the greatest desirability.

Now that you know which vibrational frequencies are the most desirable, you have the option to selectively give your attention solely to those desirable frequencies. To truly understand the importance of your decision to give your attention to specific vibrational frequencies, you should make note of the differences that exist between the infinite number of vibrational frequencies in existence.

As you imagine having what it is you want right now, you are tapping into the vibrational frequency of your desire. When you are not thinking about having it right now though, you are at that moment giving your attention to a different vibrational frequency.

Since the way you feel provides information about the vibrational frequency you are focused upon, you can use your feelings to observe the significant differences that exist between the two different vibrational frequencies you are focusing upon. Now that you know how stark the contrast between multiple vibrational frequencies can be, you can start giving your attention solely to vibrational frequencies that match your desires to manifest your dreams as quickly as possible.