The Way You Think About God

The way you think about God alters your point of attraction, the way you feel. The way you think about God also alters the type of experiences you attract into your life. This is important, because everyone thinks about God in some way during their lifetimes. By choosing to think thoughts about the idea of God that feel good to you, you can attract good feeling experiences into your life.

For instance, if you believe that there is a God and you believe God is good, you are going to instantly feel good as you think this thought. Along with improving the way you feel as you think this thought, you will also attract experiences supporting your belief that God is good. The people in your life will also reflect this belief in a supportive way by holding the same belief as you while simultaneously being good in their own right.

If you also believe God is watching out for you and keeping you safe, you will attract experiences that support this belief as well. You will also attract people who watch out for you and keep you safe if you give your attention to this thought too, because as you think this thought, you vibrate in harmony with its essence and thus attract experiences that match it.

If you choose to criticize those who believe in God and say their beliefs are unfounded, preposterous, and even stupid, you will thus attract experiences and people into your life that match this belief. By assessing the way these thoughts make you feel as you think them, you can easily identify the type of experiences they will attract into your life, for the experiences thoughts attract into your life trigger the same feelings as the thoughts that create them.

Whether you believe in God or not, it is important to keep this information in mind the next time you choose to think about God. By purposely selecting thoughts about the idea of God that feel good to you, you can secure good feeling experiences for yourself while simultaneously attracting individuals into your life who will match the thoughts about God you choose to entertain.