Everything Happens As A Result Of Your Asking

You are always asking for more of whatever it is you are giving your attention. The Universe always responds by giving you that which you have been asking for too. So, it could be said that everything you experience is an answer to your asking.

If you are like most people, you likely have many hopes and desires you want to see fulfilled in the future. In order to understand how you can create the reality of your choice, you should review the path you have taken to get to where you are today. Wherever you may be, you are always where you are due to the thoughts you held in your mind prior to that point in time.

The thoughts you hold in your mind create the reality you experience each and every day. You can use this fact to your benefit by simply directing your focus towards thoughts you would like to see unfold in reality. If you do not believe this to be true, observe your current reality more closely so that you may better associate your experiences with your thoughts.

Think about significant thoughts you have considered in the past and the significant changes that occurred thereafter due to those thoughts. Think about thoughts you recently had that are similar in nature to the life experience you are currently going through. Then, when you come across significant moments in your life, take the time to review your most recent thoughts to find the thoughts that are similar to the experiences you are going through.

Once you have taken the time to review the correlation between your thoughts and your experiences, you will certainly want to start directing your thoughts towards your desires. After you have directed your attention towards thoughts you would like to become your reality, you will likely soon see experiences that are similar in nature to those thoughts enter your reality.

At first, you may not see significant changes in your daily life, but you will likely start noticing the object or subject of your creation entering your life experience more frequently nonetheless. While these manifestations are initially generally quite insignificant, they are still very important, because these initial thoughts fuel the ongoing attraction of your desires.

As you continue to think thoughts you would like to become your reality, you will start to feel very good feelings in return that are approximately the same feelings you would feel were your thoughts your present reality. Then, once you have focused your thoughts on what you want to the extent that you feel as if you already have what you want, what you want will become your reality, because your thoughts create your reality.

You can use your feelings as guidance when you are trying to create a reality that is more to your liking. When you give your attention to a particular subject or experience and you feel good, you are at that moment focusing on something you want. You can use this knowledge to always know whether or not you are moving in the direction of that which you desire.

When you feel very good as you give your attention to a subject, you will be moving very quickly in the direction of your desires. Since the thoughts you think and the way you feel equal your point of attraction being that they match the nature of future experiences, you should expect your reality to shift to match these good feeling thoughts as you think them.