The Meaning Of Dreams Explained

Dreams are a window into your future. You can use dreams to observe the general nature of the thoughts you have recently been thinking and the corresponding feelings they generate too. Dreams generally consist of the vibrational essence of the story you have been telling up to the present moment in time. If you purposely use your dreams to learn more about your thoughts and that which you are creating, you can create a brighter future for yourself.

When you think positively throughout the day, you have equally positive dreams once you are asleep. The thoughts you think create your future. As you give your attention to any subject, you begin to attract that subject into your life. In the same way, the thoughts you think shape the dreams you experience while sleeping.

If you are deliberately creating your life by directing your thought, you can use dreams as guidance for shaping your future creations. If you find something unpleasing arising in your dreams, you can identify the thoughts that likely created it so that you may remove your attention from those thoughts altogether to thereby remove it from your dreams.

If you have positive dreams when sleeping, you are certainly focused upon positive subjects in your waking hours. Thoughts that make you feel particularly good as you think them are positive thoughts while thoughts that do not make you feel quite as good are negative thoughts. When you find yourself thinking positive thoughts that create correspondingly positive dreams, you can be certain positive experiences are ahead of you.

You can also take advantage of the power of dreams by using them to better create your future. Once you start deliberately directing your thought towards subjects you want to attract into your life, you will have vivid dreams at times that are closely associated with those positive thoughts. After having these vivid dreams, you can then recall them in your conscious mind when awake to re-experience them to further improve the way you feel. You can also identify the thoughts you believe created those desirable dreams to assist in the continuing creation of dreams and experiences you find to be pleasing.

Since the thoughts you think are creating your future, and the way you feel is your point of attraction, you will attract very good feeling experiences into your life by giving your attention to the best feeling dreams you come across when sleeping. This process will enhance your ability to imagine and it can help you generate many positive good feeling thoughts each and every day.

If you have a dream you find to be particularly attractive, you can set time aside to sit in a quiet space to recall the dream in as vivid a manner as possible. As you imagine your dream, you can re-enter it to experience the dream over and over again in its most vivid form.

The law of attraction is a very powerful law. The thoughts you think and the feelings you feel each day create the future you will soon live. If you want to create a better future for yourself, you can start right now by simply directing your attention towards subjects that make you feel good to thereby trigger equally good feeling dreams that will further immerse your consciousness within your desires.