How To Get More Of Anything

Whatever your goals are, when you are thinking about that which you desire while feeling good, you are attracting it unto you. If you want to get more of anything, simply think about it in a way that makes you feel good to instantly start attracting more of it into your life. This process is particularly effective if you focus on the state of being, the feeling, you would like to achieve too.

If you want to attract more money into your life, you have to focus on money, but you should also focus on the desired state of being as well though, because the way you feel is your point of attraction. In other words, when you feel good while thinking about money, you are moving towards equally good feeling experiences involving money.

In order to apply this to any other subject you would like to attract into your life, you simply need to think about what you want in a way that makes you feel good. By finding a way to think about desires in a way that makes you feel good, you will instantly set your personal point of attraction at a desirable point.

If you would like to focus on your desires in a way that makes you feel good, you can easily do so by thinking about them as if they have already manifested. By thinking thoughts of having what it is you want, you experience the feeling of having it right now and this sets your point of attraction, the way you feel, at a frequency matching the desire.

You can do this with any subject too. Whether you want more money, or more comfort, you can imagine having a life experience that is exactly as you would like it to be. As you think about your desires in this way, you will have very good feeling experiences and your current life experience will then transform to match the way you feel.

The essence of the way you feel and the nature of the life experience you are going through is always equal. By improving the way you feel, you improve the life experience you are living. By focusing on a life experience you find to be pleasing, you will transform your daily life experience to better match these thoughts.

So, if you would like to attract more of anything into your life, simply start giving your attention to your desires. As you give your attention to your desires, you will discover the feeling that corresponds with that particular experience. Once you have found the feeling of having what it is that you truly want, your desires will soon come racing into your life experience as you maintain that feeling, because the vibrational essence of the world around you must always match the vibrational essence of your thoughts.