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The Trick To Using The Law Of Attraction

The trick to using the law of attraction is the process of focusing upon what it is you want as if it is already in your current life experience. By focusing on what you want in this way, you become completely harmonized with that which is being given your attention. Once you have become fully harmonized with your desire, it must then become your reality as a result.

The law of attraction is a very simple law overall in that this law states that like attracts like. Therefore, everything in existence is attracting everything else in existence that is harmonized with its fundamental vibrational essence.

As modern physics indicates, all matter is equivalent in nature to energy. The energy of matter is comprised of an infinite series of waves vibrating at specific frequencies. Thus, everything in the Universe is thereby attracting all sorts of objects that are vibrating at a frequency similar to its own in that the more alike is the vibration of one object to another, the closer they are within spacetime.

This holds true even for you too since your body is presently vibrating at a specific frequency that matches the nature of your reality. This frequency is personally unique to you and it is the defining feature that makes you who you are in fact.

The most amazing part in all of this has yet to be acknowledged though, for you can actually change the frequency at which you are vibrating to thereby change the nature of your reality. Since your personal vibrational frequency is quite easy to sense as it is equivalent to the way you feel, you always know precisely which frequency you are emitting in the present moment.

Also, you can easily control the way you feel by deliberately choosing that which you give your attention. As you give your attention to points of focus that make you feel good, you begin to vibrate in harmony with the very object or topic being given your attention. As you persistently focus on something that makes you feel good, you then continue to attract additional good feeling experiences into your life as a result of the increased vibrational harmonization with good feeling experiences that arises from such focus. The same holds true for when you are focusing upon something you find to be undesirable as well though, for when you focus upon these things instead, you then feel less than good in return and attract experiences matching your newly established state of being.

You can attract anything you want into your life by simply paying attention to the way you feel. Since the way you feel is your point of attraction, you just have to focus on thoughts that make you feel good and you will then attract experiences that will make you feel equally as good. Also, the more frequently you think thoughts that make you feel good, the more desirable will be the experiences you attract into your life.

Now that you know the trick to using the law of attraction, you just have to start giving your attention to thoughts that make you feel good and you will then soon be living the life you have always wanted to live by doing so.