The Law Of Attraction And Astrology - The Ancient Link

Astrology has been around for a very long time due to the perceived links that exist between astrological predictions and the outcomes that arise thereafter. This science states quite clearly that the interactions occurring between celestial bodies, and their relative positions to Earth, affect earthly matters. Many people have utilized this phenomenon in the past, and still do today, because it seems to accurately predict the future in many instances. Are the techniques used by astrology practitioners real though? Are they really predicting the future? It seems that they are, but in a very different manner than everyone presently believes. The following guide will describe this ancient link that exists between the law of attraction and astrology.

Astrology can be used to effectively predict the future, but due to the nature of the law of attraction, these so-called predictions only become self-fulfilling prophecies in the end. When an individual makes a prediction based on astrological factors, they give their attention to a certain event they believe will happen in the future, but due to the law of attraction, this process only aligns them with the very event being predicted. By aligning themselves with the event being predicted, their prediction becomes a reality thereby turning it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Many people believe in the merits of astrology and thus use it in their daily lives due to this particular phenomenon too. Even so, this phenomenon is easily explained by the manner in which the law of attraction takes effect in the lives of those who believe in astrology.

The law of attraction is a very simple law in that it states that like attracts like. What this truly means is that things of a similar nature are constantly being attracted to one another. At the heart of the Universe are particles, but physics has thoroughly revealed that particles also act as waves. These waves are vibrating at specific frequencies too. Whichever frequency these waves vibrate at depicts the type of object, or even the type of person, the waves thereby form. This phenomenon has incredible implications in all areas of life. First of all though, the way you feel indicates the frequency you are currently vibrating at, and since like attracts like, you are thus attracting experiences, people, places, objects, etc., that match the specific frequency you are personally emitting.

When you feel good, you are attracting experiences, people, objects, etc. that will also make you feel good. When you feel less than good though, you are attracting experiences, people, objects, etc., that will make you feel less than good in return. If you understand how this basic process works, you can also begin to understand how people create self-fulfilling prophecies by inadvertently employing the law of attraction while making astrological predictions. More importantly though, if you comprehend this information, you can create any type of life you want to live by simply adjusting the way you feel.

Since everything consists of waves vibrating at specific frequencies, and the way a person feels acts as their personal point of attraction, it can now be seen how self-fulfilling prophecies created be astrology practitioners naturally arise. When a person gives their attention to an astrological prediction, they are thereby considering their own future. Whatever they give their attention is also of a specific vibrational frequency, as is everything. As they give their attention to the frequency of the future being predicted, they begin to vibrate in harmony with that particular future. Once they have given enough attention to the future being predicted by their astrological beliefs, they then vibrate in harmony with the future being predicted and it must then become their reality as a result.

You can use this knowledge to not only understand how astrology works, but you can also use it to create the life you have always wanted to live. By simply giving your attention to the people, places, objects, experiences, etc. that make you feel good, or the way you want to feel, you can thus vibrate in harmony with your desires. When you vibrate in harmony with your desires, they must then become your reality in return.

There are many techniques you can use to remain focused upon your desires. For instance, you can use vision boards, visualization techniques, and an assortment of additional tools each and every day to enhance your focus upon your desires. The most important aspect of these practices is the way you feel though. for when you feel good, you are attracting experiences that will also make you feel good into your life.