Reach For The Best Feeling Thoughts You Can Find

If you are aware of the law of attraction, and you understand how this law affects your life, then you also know your thoughts attract matching experiences. By thinking incredible thoughts, you can attract incredible experiences into your life. The best feeling thoughts you can find are the incredible thoughts you should strive to think as often as possible to create equally as incredible life experiences for yourself.

When you are thinking the best feeling thoughts you can find, you are aligning your personal vibrational frequency, the way you feel, with a very high, fast, and pure frequency. When you do this, your point of attraction equals this good feeling frequency and you thereby attract matching experiences into your life.

Most people give their attention to whatever happens to be most of the time. As they give their attention to what happens to be though, they attract a multitude of matching experiences. Others give their attention to positive outcomes of the scenarios they are presently experiencing and these individuals are known as optimists.

Then, one step above the optimists are people who understand how the law of attraction works only to a limited extent. These individuals give their attention to their desires, but they are not very ambitious with their intentions. They tend to give their attention to desires such as good jobs, or they may give their attention to small unexpected sums of money entering their lives, and they thus attract matching experiences as a result.

Next, there are individuals who think big by focusing upon very ambitious goals. These individuals are focusing on very high, fast, and pure frequencies, but they rarely think about the best feeling thoughts they can find. Oftentimes, these individuals only focus on thoughts they find to be generally good feeling and desirable and this results in the attraction of generally good feeling and desirable experiences overall.

It's all good. There is no right or wrong way to go about life, but if these individuals were to focus on the best feeling thoughts they could find instead, they would likely find the outcome of their daily life experiences and their lives as a whole to be much more satisfying in the long run.

The best feeling thoughts you have access to right now are of the highest, fastest, and purest vibrational frequencies you have access to at this moment in time. This is important, because when you are vibrating at a high, fast, and pure frequency, you are attracting very high, fast, and pure experiences into your life.

By simply giving your attention to the best feeling thoughts you can find, you can harness the law of attraction in the most optimal manner possible and attract the best feeling experiences imaginable. If you were to never learn anything else about the law of attraction and were to give your attention to the best feeling thoughts you can find from this moment on, your life would then be fantastic in every way and you would feel equally as fantastic too, because when you focus in this manner, you set your point of attraction at an optimal point.

Your point of attraction is the way you feel. The better you feel, the better your life experiences become since the experiences you attract always match the way you feel. By choosing to think the best feeling thoughts you can find, you will attract matching experiences that will make you feel the same way you feel as you think these exceptionally good feeling thoughts.