How The Law Of Attraction Truly Works

The law of attraction works due to the nature of consciousness. Whenever you give your attention to anything, you get that which you are giving your attention. If you give more of your attention to anything, you are going to thereby get more of it in return.

It can also be stated that the Universe is a vibrational Universe. Everything is vibrating at a specific vibrational frequency and things that are vibrating at a similar vibrational frequency are drawn together as a result. This is often referred to as the phenomenon whereby like attracts like.

If you would like to apply this knowledge to your life, you should learn how to control the way you feel, because the way you feel is your point of attraction. The way you feel is the vibrational frequency you are presently emitting. If you feel good, you are attracting vibrational frequencies, experiences, that will also make you feel good.

You can easily control the way you feel in a variety of ways too. There are a few key points of which you should be aware to make your journey towards feeling better easier to manage though.

First, you have already been applying the law of attraction, or the law of consciousness, throughout your entire life. As you have given your attention to various topics throughout your life, a corresponding feeling was thereby generated within you and you attracted experiences that matched the way you felt at any given moment in the past.

Now that you are consciously aware of this process though, you can effectively control the type of experiences you attract into your life. By directing your attention towards subjects that make you feel good, you can easily attract experiences that will make you feel equally as good.

It is also important that you recognize the fact that whatever you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing at any given moment always matches perfectly. Now, think about that for a second, because it is a very important concept. When you give your attention to a subject, you are experiencing that subject, you are thinking about that subject, and you are feeling a corresponding feeling as you give your attention to that subject. By simply changing that which you give your attention, you can instantly change the way you think and feel to thus change your experience.

In order to harness the power of the law of attraction, you need to take control over the way you feel. You will likely find this process becoming easier with time, because you are presently attracting a wide variety of experiences due to the attention you have given to a multitude of subjects in the past.

Once you start purposely directing your attention though, you will have absolute control over the way you feel and you will be able to create any type of life you want to live. When you give your attention to anything, including that which you want, you generate a corresponding feeling within yourself. This feeling that is generated within you is where you should maintain your focus as you attempt to create the life of your dreams since it is your point of attraction.

Whenever you are feeling good by thinking about what it is you desire, you are thereby attracting it into your life. Once you stabilize the feeling matching the having of what it is you desire, it will then have to become your reality, because what you think, what you feel, and what you experience always matches perfectly and the Universe will ensure that your experience precisely matches whatever it is you have been thinking about and the corresponding feelings those thoughts generated within you, because the law of attraction is a universal law.

Now that you know the way you feel is your point of attraction, you can start creating the life of your dreams. When you feel great, you are moving towards what it is you want and if you ever feel any differently than great, you are simply taking a temporary detour away from it.

In order to create an experience, imagine what it would be like to experience it right now. Do whatever you can to find the feeling of experiencing the fulfillment of your desire right now. Read books, read articles, look at pictures, watch movies, and use your imagination to do so. Once you know exactly what it feels like to experience the fulfillment of your desire, keep your focus on that feeling and any thoughts that make you feel that way.

If you do this, you will soon see your life transform before your eyes and you will thus see more of that which you desire coming into your life. If you continue focusing on the feeling of experiencing the fulfillment of your desire by thinking thoughts that match it, you will certainly experience that which you truly want to experience in life.