The Bliss Method

The process of following your bliss is a very simple process. In order to follow your bliss, you only have to give your attention to subjects you find to be absolutely blissful. As you give your attention to subjects you find to be absolutely blissful, you will feel very good and you will also be taking advantage of a powerful law known as the law of attraction. There is one method in particular available to you today that can make this process much more effective overall too.

This method is very simple, but it can provide you with outstanding benefits that will certainly help you focus on thoughts and experiences you find to be blissful while feeling very good when doing so. In order to use this process, simply use the word bliss as a trigger to think about that which you find to be blissful.

By simply saying the word 'bliss' in your mind and then immediately thinking about that which you find to be blissful, you will let go of any resistance you may have stored up, negativity, and you will be able to focus on what it is you want in a very pure manner as a result. When you focus on that which you love through the use of pure thought, you attract it unto you very quickly, because you are not contradicting yourself with thoughts of its absence.

Now, when you say 'bliss' and think about what it is you want, your thoughts may tend to wander on their own onto other subjects in due time. If this occurs, simply say the word bliss again in your mind to trigger the blissful thoughts once again. By engaging in this process consistently, you can easily keep your focus on that which you find to be blissful and you will thereby attract just as easily too.

You can use this process no matter what you are doing as you go about your day as well. If you are going about your day and you happen to focus on something that does not make you feel good, you can simply retract your focus from that subject through the use of this method. By saying the word 'bliss', you will thereby trigger thoughts of that which you find to be blissful and you will once again feel very good by doing so.

Since the way you feel is your point of attraction, your use of the bliss method will always make you feel good and you will always be attracting experiences that will make you feel good into your life. You can also use this process to find thoughts that feel better and better as well. By finding thoughts that make you feel better and better, you will thereby make your point of attraction more and more desirable since the way you feel is your point of attraction and this improvement in your point of attraction will then make your life experience better and better henceforth.