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The Real Midas Touch

Midas touch is a legend that involves King Midas who possessed the ability to turn anything into gold. While this legend is incredibly popular, there is a real power that exists giving anyone the ability to turn their world into whatever they want.

If you would like to use this power, simply take whatever you want right now and think about it in your mind. Picture it in your mind. Find the essence of what you want. Now that you have a picture of what you want, or you at least have a general idea of what the essence of what you want is like, apply it to everything in the Universe. In other words, through the use of your thoughts, change everything around you into what you want.

If you find yourself slipping back into focusing on what is around you right now, just transform it into what you want. Now, at first, you may think you are just thinking about what you want, but if you were to continue to focus in a way that you think everything around you is indeed what you want, everything around you will begin to turn into what you want.

The first signs of what you want will likely be small indicators, but if you have chosen something that you do not commonly see in your experience, a small indication of what you want may be a shocking experience in itself once you have started to use this process. You do not need to look around to see if there is any evidence of what you want appearing around you, because if you maintain your focus on the thought of everything around you being what you want, you will likely see what you want in your experience without deliberately looking around for it.

If this process is not yet clear, this example may help you. If you want to attract $100 bills, take a good look at a $100 bill or at least a picture of one, or you can just imagine what one looks like, and then turn everything around you into $100 bills.

If you want to attract a subject that is more abstract, like love, simply think about love and what it is like. Think about the essence of love, the color of love, what love feels like. Once you know what the essence of love is like, turn everything around you into the essence of love through the use of your thoughts.

This process works due to a law known as the law of attraction. Everything in the Universe is vibrating at specific vibrational frequencies. As you give your attention to the thought of everything around you being what you want, you quickly become aligned with what you want, which means you begin to vibrate in harmony with what you want. You can see evidence of this process by observing the change in the way you feel as you begin to turn everything around you into what you want.

Now, keep in mind the fact that this process is incredibly powerful. If there are things in your life right now that you would like to continue to experience, such as loved ones, things you love, places you love, etc., you may not want to apply this process right this red hot minute. You are already in a place where there are many things that you love, so you do not need to take such drastic measures to transform your life and attract what you want.

As you give your attention to things in your life that you already love, you attract more of those things. If you detract your attention from things in your life that you love right now, you will not attract more of those things into your life. If you would like to see more of what you already have in your life, it is important that you give what you love your attention and vibrate in harmony with it, rather than begin to replace them with one thing that you want.

While this process is incredibly powerful, it is not always the most optimal technique you can use to harness the power of the law of attraction. Yes, this process is incredibly powerful, but you will only be able to attract one very specific vibration into your life by using it. Also, if you focus on something in a very general sense, you are going to attract a wide variety of experiences that are in harmony with that subject.

By simply focusing on the way you want to feel, and giving your attention to things that you appreciate, you can use the law of attraction in a much more practical and effective manner.

But, if you want to utilize the most powerful process you can use while harnessing the law of attraction, this is the process you should apply. If you feel good while you are applying the process too, you can be certain that you are attracting good feeling experiences into your life.