Desire Is Good

Desire is typically viewed as a state of mind whereby something is lacking, but in reality, desire indicates that you are giving your attention to a vibration that is higher in frequency than your present vibration which in turn raises your energy value as a result. Therefore, the presence of a desire indicates that your energy value is rising due to your focusing upon a vibration that is of a higher energy value than your own. Ergo, the presence of desire indicates that your life is improving and its absence indicates that your life is stagnating in terms of its desirability by remaining the same. Therefore, the stronger is the desire being experienced, the higher is the energy value being given your attention and thus the greater is the degree to which your vibration is increasing in frequency.

Thus, not only is desire good, but it should actually be deliberately sought out so that you may experience the strongest sense of desire possible. The stronger is the sense of desire you are able to instill within yourself through the developing of increasingly more desirable thoughts, the higher in energy value will be the topic of your focus and thus the greater will be the degree to which such thoughts improve your life.

Your energy value is only raised by giving your attention to something that is more desirable than the present state of your reality. Plus, the higher in energy value does your personal vibration become, the greater is the degree of happiness which you are experiencing. Thus, the stronger is the desire formed within you, the happier do you become.

The path to happiness then becomes that of a strong desire since the stronger is your desire, the faster is your energy value rising and the greater is the degree of happiness which you are going to thereby experience in return. In this way, it is those who develop the most ambitious desires whom experience the most significant degrees of happiness. The grander are the desires which a person forms, the higher in frequency will be the vibrations to which they are exposed and thus the higher in frequency will their vibration become. Ergo, your ultimate goal in manifesting should be to identify the grandest desires of which you are aware so that you may give them your undivided attention to thereby achieve the most advanced state of happiness possible.

Furthermore, everything being energy perceived as emotions indicates all desires are actually just emotional states. Thus, all of your desires are really only emotional states. As you form new desires and discover ever-advancing states of happiness by doing so, you are really only identifying more desirable emotional states. For this reason, the grander are the desires you form in life, the more desirable are the emotional states of which you become aware. By choosing to focus on the grandest desires possible, you are thereby making the decision to experience the most advanced states of happiness you are capable of achieving.