When It Will Happen

The idea that events happen all at once is a misconception based on traditional understandings of physical phenomena. To say that an event is happening is really to say that your vibration has become so extensively harmonized with the frequency of the event that its physical manifestation has finally arisen. Even so, the manifestation was appearing in the instant you initially considered a thought matching it thereby making your first thought of it the very first manifestation of it in your life.

The manifestation of a thought thus becomes a matter of purity in that it is the degree to which all of your thoughts match a particular thought that depicts the extent to which it is manifesting in your life. Therefore, the more extensively do all of your thoughts match a particular thought, the more extensively is it presently manifesting in your physical reality. The manifestation of your desires is already happening and the real question thus becomes that of measuring the degree to which they are manifesting.

Additionally, the question of when your desire will manifest may be assessed from the perspective of the degree to which your entire life matches the event being manifested. If only some of your thoughts match an event, but the rest of your thoughts do not, then the event will be manifesting at certain points in the day more extensively than others. Ergo, in the moment that all of the thoughts you think throughout the day become perfectly harmonized with the event being manifested, the event will then be manifesting.