Increasing Positivity

The desirability of your life experience is always equal to the degree to which you are being positive. The greater is your positivity, the more desirable does your life experience become. Therefore, the degree to which your positivity is increasing provides for a direct indication of the degree to which your life experience is improving as a result of your deliberately selecting your thoughts.

For instance, as you attempt to increase the desirability of your thoughts, so will the degree of your positivity be increased. As your degree of positivity increases, the desirability of your thoughts will also be immediately increased thereby giving you access to thoughts of a greater desirability than the thoughts you were previously considering. Ergo, if your best thought today is not as desirable as the best thought you considered yesterday, your personal energy value is decreasing due to a decreasing degree of positivity. Therefore, the more you are able to increase the desirability of your best thought from one day to the next, the greater will be the increases in your personal energy level and the more desirable will your life experience become.

This process manifests itself throughout all time periods though in that not only can the degree to which your positivity is increasing be measured from one day to the next, but it may also be measured from one moment to the next as well. For instance, if the thought you are presently thinking is more desirable than the thought you were thinking only a few moments ago, then you can be certain that your life experience is presently increasing in desirability to a degree that is equal to the degree your thoughts have increased in positivity.