Pure Happiness

The Universe is composed of pure energy throughout. This energy is perceived in the form of emotions that are then translated into specific states of happiness. The more desirable is the emotional state produced by a thought, the more desirable is the state of happiness that arises in the thinking of it.

Therefore, since every point of focus produces some degree of emotion, every point of focus produces some degree of happiness. Ergo, you are always giving your attention to a particular state of happiness and the happier does a particular point of focus make you, the more desirable is that particular state of happiness.

Thus, the nature of your bliss is a specific state of happiness. In the following of your bliss, you are essentially giving your attention to the happiest thought of which you are aware. In its essence, your bliss is a state of perfect happiness from your perspective. The experiencing of such perfect happiness essentially eliminates desire resulting in its absolute cessation which is a mental state most commonly called nirvana.

Since you are always experiencing a particular state of happiness, your bliss begins to manifest instantly in the giving of your attention to it due to your experiencing of that particular state of happiness with each thought of your bliss. The more attention that is given to your bliss, the more extensively is the state of happiness matching it experienced. For this reason, to maximize the degree of personal happiness you experience in life, as much attention as possible should be given to your bliss. Every thought of your bliss will thus maximize the amount of happiness you experience in life thereby greatly improving the overall quality of your existence.