Mass-Energy-Vibration Equivalence

Mass and energy have gained the status of being equivalent in nature, and this is for a very good reason, since they are actually one and the same in that they are both vibration. At a fundamental level, everything in existence is vibrating and it is this vibration that gives rise to the energy content of an object and its mass. This equivalence between mass, energy, and vibration has many important implications. In particular, as the vibration of an object is increased, so increases its energy content and its mass. Likewise if you alter the energy value or mass of an object, so is its vibration altered since such alterations are really only alterations to the vibration of the object.

This phenomenon accounts for various principles that have been well established. For instance, as an object's speed increases, so increases its mass which is its energy content. This effect is due to an object only being able to increase in speed through the acting of a higher energy vibration upon its own. Thus, as a higher energy vibration acts upon the vibration of an object, its rate of vibration increases as does its motion through spacetime.

Another way of viewing the increasing mass of an object as its speed increases would be that of viewing its mass purely as a vibration rippling outwards away from its core thereby creating a vibration with a spherical structure. This spherical structure then becomes the mass of the object. In this way, the mass of an object is not contained within a neat little box that has a clearly defined beginning and end, but it is actually a vibration emanating from a center that dissipates the further from the center you go. Thus, the mass of an object is equal to the emanation of the vibration being emitted by it, and as the mass of an object increases, so extends the circumference of this emanated vibration due to the higher intensity of the resulting vibration.

A simpler way of picturing this effect would be that of imagining a train at rest. The train at rest produces no vibration at all as it remains at equilibrium with the vibrations of its surroundings. As the train begins to move though, so does its mass increase in the form of a more significant vibration emanating from its core. This increase in the apparency of its vibration is thus the physical manifestation of its increasing mass, a higher energy value, which translates into additional momentum and attractive force.

The nature of gravity may also be better understood by viewing mass in this way. As an object's vibration increases, so increases its mass and thus so increases its gravitational pull. By understanding gravity to be the result of vibration averaging, or the enacting of the vibration of one body upon another, it may now be understood precisely why the gravitational pull of an object increases as its mass increases. The reason for this corresponding increase is the extension of the circumference of the vibration emanating from the object thereby resulting in an increase in the degree to which surrounding objects average with its vibration. Since the location of an object is defined by its vibration, this increasing rate of interaction with surrounding objects increases their likeness to the object they are being attracted to thereby resulting in their getting closer to one another within spacetime.

In more practical terms, as your personal energy value increases, so increases your mass in that the vibration being emanated from your core begins to have a farther reach into the surrounding spacetime. Ergo, the higher in energy value are your thoughts, as is indicated by their desirability, the greater will be the effect of your vibration upon the world around you and the stronger will be the attraction between yourself and all that you interact with. This has particularly important implications in reference to attracting your desires, since the stronger is your ability to attract any object, the stronger will be your ability to attract your desires.