Ability To Be Positive

Your ability to be positive is always limited by the degree to which you allow yourself to be negative. Every bit of negativity makes it that much more difficult for you to be positive. The reason for this effect is the fact that your personal energy value is always set at a specific level, and as you expose yourself to low frequency vibrations that cause negativity to arise within you, your energy value will be immediately lowered and your idea of what it means to be positive will likewise be diminished.

Positivity and negativity thus become a relative phenomenon in that your understanding of what it means to be positive is defined by the degree to which you are already being positive. Therefore, the greater is your positivity now, the higher in energy value will your idea of what it means to be positive become and thus the more positive will be your positivity in return.

Furthermore, if you allow yourself to endure negativity, the vibrations of that negativity will reverberate throughout your being for quite some time afterwards and these reverberations will produce a tendency within you to think thoughts that are of a nature like that of the negativity. This phenomenon arises due to thoughts being of a greater probability the more alike in energy value they are to your own. Thus, as you allow yourself to endure negativity, it becomes easier for you to do so going into the future since the experiencing of such negativity becomes more natural as your energy value becomes a better match to it.

Fortunately, this effect may be used in reverse by exposing yourself to exceptional positivity so that your energy value may be likewise raised to better match the positivity being experienced. The inevitable result of doing so will be your energy value increasing to better match the energy value of the positivity thereby making such positivity seem more commonplace than before. Additionally, this increase in your energy value will lead you to a new understanding of what it truly means to be positive thereby giving you access to even greater positivity that will help you increase your energy value even further.