Simulated Reality

Reality is like a computer simulation in many ways. In life you add inputs and you receive outputs. The output you receive from reality is equal to the input you add to it. Also, all of reality is made from pure energy vibrating at an infinite number of vibrational frequencies. These frequencies always match the thoughts you think too. In this way, thoughts equal input and experiences equal output. By utilizing this information, you can now understand every experience you ever have, because every experience you ever have is generated by the input you add to your reality.

With this knowledge, you can now choose to focus on thoughts of desirable vibrational frequencies, thoughts that make you feel good, and you will thus receive desirable experiences, experiences that are of vibrational frequencies that make you feel good. By understanding the vibrational nature of reality, you can now easily see the similarities between your reality and a simulated reality. Your reality is actually based on energized vibrational frequencies rather than solid matter. Now that you know the Universe to be vibrational energy that responds to your focus, you can give your attention to the type of life experiences you want to live to create any type of experience you desire to have.

If you view reality in this way, you can now also view thoughts as software that makes reality abide by certain rules and restrictions in order to generate experiences for you. For instance, as you visualize the type of experiences you want to live, you are literally experiencing the vibrational frequencies that match the desired experiences. As you give your attention to these vibrational frequencies, you are programming your personal vibrational frequency, the way you feel, to match those vibrational frequencies. Since the world around you always matches the way you feel, the world around you will be guided by the software you use, your visualizations, and it will generate experiences that match the vibrational frequencies you focus upon.