Intellectual Pursuits

There are an infinite number of subjects you can give your attention to satisfy your intellectual curiosity, but every time you give your attention to these subjects you alter your point of attraction. By giving your attention to these intellectual pursuits, you also become more adept at creating preferences that will ultimately affect the type of experiences you attract into your life. These preferences are important for they will help you better define what you want and thus improve your ability to identify your desires and focus upon them.

Even so, an even more beneficial pursuit for you to follow would be to give your attention to what you want in order to satisfy your intellectual curiosities, because as you give your attention to one of your desires, you will attract that subject into your life and it will make you feel good as a result. Also, as you give your attention to what you want, you will become more familiar with it and this will thus put you in a better position to clearly identify your preferences concerning your desires.

This process will even improve your ability to identify experiences you would truly like to experience and it will help you keep your focus pinpointed on those particular experiences. With this information at hand, you can now stop giving your attention to the infinite number of subjects that exist simply for the sake of satisfying your curiosity and you can start to give your attention to what you truly want instead to create a far more desirable life experience for yourself.