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Understanding Relationships

The law of attraction can be used to attract any type of experience, including experiences involving relationships. To utilize the law of attraction in your relationships, it may be useful for you to understand the vibrational nature of relationships before you get started. Once you understand the vibrational nature of relationships, you will be able to better understand everything that happens to you and your relationships as you create the life of your dreams.

Everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at various frequencies along an infinite vibrational scale. You too are made of energy vibrating at a specific frequency. Those with whom you interact in your relationships are also made of energy vibrating at a specific frequency. While everything maintains its own distinct vibrational frequency, everything is also constantly being blended with surrounding vibrational frequencies.

As your attention is given to anything, you immediately begin to vibrate in harmony with it. Thus, as your attention is given to anything, your personal vibrational frequency begins to vibrate at a similar frequency as the subject of your focus. This vibrational blending also occurs as others give their attention to you, just as it does with everything else that is given their attention.

This is important, because this vibrational blending is constantly occurring in your relationships. As your attention is given to those with whom you are in a relationship, you immediately begin to vibrate in harmony with them, but you only begin to harmonize with their vibrational frequency to a limited extent when you first start giving them your attention.

Since you are often only partially harmonized with those with whom you are in a relationship, your perspective of them is distorted by the clouded lens through which you view them. The individuals with whom you interact also view your relationship through a clouded lens that distorts everything they perceive about you and your relationship too.

This distorting can play an important role in defining the success of any relationship. For, if one person has a clouded perspective of a relationship, or the people in the relationship, it may become rather difficult for the relationship to thrive.

This issue arises, because you are vibrating at a different vibrational frequency than those with whom you interact. Since you vibrate at a different frequency than those with whom you interact, you maintain different thoughts, feelings, and experiences concerning all subjects in existence. While these differences may be incredibly minute, they are still significant enough to permit misunderstandings to arise.

With this knowledge you can now go forth and create thriving relationships with ease, because you will have a clear understanding of every misunderstanding that arises in your relationships. If a misunderstanding arises, you can be certain that the misunderstanding has only arisen due to your vibrating at a different vibrational frequency than the other person, and the issue really has nothing to do with you two as individuals on a personal level.

Due to this phenomenon, every subject that is given your attention is only clearly comprehended by you to the degree you are aligned with its vibrational frequency. This principle applies to your relationships too. Your relationships are only as clear to you as you are aligned with them. This occurs, because the vibration of every subject that is given your attention must blend with the vibrational frequency that you personally maintain. The end result of this blending is a perfect mixture of the vibrational frequency of the subject being focused upon with your personal vibrational frequency, which amounts to an understanding that arises from the mixing of these two vibrations.

For instance, if one person in a relationship feels good and another feels bad, and the bad feeling individual were to tell the good feeling individual how they are feeling, the good feeling individual would not instantly feel the same way as the bad feeling individual, but they would feel a mixture of the good feeling vibrational frequency which they were previously maintaining and the vibrational frequency of the bad feeling person. Thus, their understanding of the bad feeling person's feelings only goes as far as the mixture of these two vibrational frequencies permits.

Now you can better understand everything that happens to you in your relationships. The next time you start talking to someone about something they are not aligned with, you will know that they are only understanding what you are saying to the extent this process of mixing vibrations allows.