Identifying Yourself

One of the most powerful points of attraction in your life is the identity you have chosen to give yourself. The subjects you have chosen to identify yourself with make up the identity you have chosen to give yourself.

For example, if you feel that the family you have created with your wife is a fairly decent representation of who you are, or it is at least what you think about the majority of the time, then that is a powerful point of attraction and your life experience will match it by being filled with experiences involving your family.

On the other hand, if you identify yourself with your appearance, then you will have experiences that match that, experiences involving your identity that primarily revolve around your appearance. If you choose to identify yourself with music, movies, acting, writing, friends, drugs, TV, organizations, pets, places, etc., these subjects, these vibrational frequencies, will also play a role in defining your point of attraction, the way you feel, and they will thus play a role in defining the type of experiences you attract into your life.

For this reason, you should purposefully identify yourself with that which you want to attract. By doing so, you will vibrationally align yourself with your desires and thus attract experiences involving your desires into your life.