Traversing Vibrational Levels

Vibrational levels are the various vibrational frequencies to which you can attune yourself. When you attune yourself to a specific vibrational frequency and then jump to a higher and more desirable vibrational frequency, you are at that moment traversing vibrational levels.

When you jump from one vibrational level to a higher vibrational level, you gain access to a completely new set of vibrational frequencies too. Thus, if you are improving your point of attraction by giving your attention to vibrational frequencies residing at higher vibrational levels, you will be able to jump to those higher vibrational levels and once you are there you will gain access to a whole new set of choices to give your attention as well as additional higher vibrational levels to which you can jump.

The ability to move up vibrational levels through the deliberate direction of thought can be incredibly powerful since it allows for you to quickly move from one level to another while constantly gaining access to higher and more desirable vibrational frequencies to which you can give your attention and ultimately match with your personal vibration so that you may create matching experiences.