Manifesting Desires Through Action

While you can utilize the mind to create wonderful experiences for yourself, you can also utilize action to create your life in a very powerful way. You can use action to create your life by utilizing it in place of thought and speech. In this way you can focus on that which you are trying to create through your action rather than your thought.

For example, you can show someone that you love them through your actions rather than your words. In this way, you will instantly align your reality with the idea you are bringing to life and this will turn your dreams into a reality at a much faster pace. As you have experiences of this kind, you will also attract vibrationally similar experiences into your life, experiences that will make you feel the same feelings these actions make you feel.

You should also keep in mind the fact that actions tend to repeat themselves though. For this reason, you should make your actions of a kind you desire to repeat. You can also make the actions you take more desirable by attempting to take action while experiencing good feeling emotions. By doing so, you will then attract more experiences involving your taking of similar, or even the same, actions while experiencing a matching good feeling emotional state.