Thoughts Control Feelings

Thoughts have absolute control over feelings. The thoughts you choose to think depict the way you feel in any given moment. Negative bad feeling thoughts are lacking in energy to a great extent and they cut off your connection to and alignment with God, pure positive energy, but positive thoughts connect you and align you with God in a perfect fashion and make you feel very good.

Good feeling thoughts can be likened to that of a drug, for when you take certain drugs, you feel very good as a result of the transformation in your thinking that takes place when you do so, but if you were to choose to think an incredibly good feeling thought instead of taking a drug, the same effect would result in your feeling of incredibly good feelings.

This occurs because the vibrational frequency of your thought constantly impacts the vibrational frequency of your body and this impact your thoughts have upon your body's vibrational frequency generates corresponding feelings within you. Thus, when you are thinking an intensely good feeling positive thought, the frequency of this thought is transmitted throughout your body and your body begins to match this frequency as a result. As the thought persists due to your thinking of it on a continual basis, this effect becomes dramatic enough to initialize a transformation of the entire world around you to better match the vibrational frequency of the thought you have chosen to think.