The Nature Of Energy

Everything is energy. It can be said that everything possesses a certain amount of energy though, because while your experiences are infinite in nature, they are only an infinite slice of the infinite energy in existence. This phenomenon can be likened to that of a straight line that is infinitely divisible, for each time you slice a line in half, you are left with two additional lines that are also infinitely divisible.

The amount of energy you are allowing to flow through you depicts the type of thoughts and life experiences you attract. Thus, it can be said that you are like an energy valve and the amount of energy you allow to flow through you depicts the type of life experiences you have.

Experiences containing higher energy levels are commonly believed to be more desirable than experiences of lower energy levels. For this reason, the more energy you allow to flow through you, the better your life experience becomes. This is also the method by which thoughts are attracted.

If you tap into a specific thought about a specific point of focus, you allow a specific amount of energy to flow through you and you attract thoughts and experiences that are of the same energy level. For example, if you were to think a low energy thought, such as a thought about a lack of money, you would then attract more thoughts and experiences of the same energy level, thoughts and experiences involving a lack of money. If you were to think a higher energy thought, such as a thought about an abundance of money, you would then attract additional high energy thoughts, such as thoughts about an abundance of money as well as matching high energy experiences.

Since everything is energy, it can also be said that money itself is energy. Thus, when you are thinking thoughts about having an abundance of energy, or any other high energy thought, you are at that moment thinking thoughts that are in alignment with an abundance of money and matching high energy topics, for everything is energy and the more you align with pure infinite positive energy, God, infinite infinities, the more like God you become.