The Law Of Attraction And Mindsets

The mindset you choose to maintain is your primary point of attraction. The mindset you maintain consists of the thoughts you think. Mindsets can also consist of a certain set of thoughts you think within a specific time period. For instance, the thoughts you considered yesterday formed the mindset you maintained yesterday while the thoughts you have considered today are forming the mindset you maintained today.

To attract your desires, you must choose to maintain a mindset that matches them, a mindset that is full of thoughts that match your desires. If you want to attract wealth and a luxurious lifestyle for instance, you must choose to maintain a mindset that is full of thoughts about wealth and a luxurious lifestyle. This holds true for all desires.

The same goes for maintaining the lifestyle you presently enjoy. If you want the nature of your present lifestyle to remain constant, you must maintain a mindset that consists of thoughts about your current lifestyle in order to do so. As you give your attention to that which has already manifested in your life, you will inevitably experience more of the same in the future.