Brain Activity

Brain activity correlates with the type of health an individual maintains. For instance, a person with a specific type of physical disorder often portrays similar brain activity characteristics as those with the same disorder. In vibrational terms, it can be said that these individuals are vibrating in harmony with one another and the disorder from which they suffer.

These individuals are allowing the same amount of energy to flow through their bodies. In other words, these individuals are disallowing the energy to flow through certain portions of their bodies and this is shown in scans of the brain that indicate similar levels of activity.

These individuals can instantly begin to heal themselves though by allowing the energy to flow through the areas of the brain where the energy is presently not being allowed to flow. This in turn will create a more uniform spread of energy flow throughout the body and this will mitigate the symptoms created by their lack of allowing the energy to flow.

In order to accomplish this task, one must simply focus on thoughts that allow the energy to flow, good feeling thoughts. Bad feeling thoughts do not allow the energy to flow and this lack of flowing energy can be felt in the form of bad feelings.

Thus, when you feel good as you think a thought, you are at that moment allowing the energy to flow through you and this good feeling is indicative of an improvement in your overall well-being. The better a thought makes you feel, the more energy you are allowing to flow through you and the more well-being you will experience as a result.