The Progression Of Aging

Aging, the process that occurs as a person's consciousness becomes continually more negative, has numerous stages of progression. In the beginning, a newborn child experiences extensive positive emotion in the form of joy due to their pure connection to source energy, pure positive energy, as a result of their primarily positive good feeling life experiences.

As a child ages due to their negativity after birth, they progress to the age of a young child. Young children are still very positive due to their attention to their desires and subjects that make them feel good, but they are also of the age where they begin to wonder more frequently about their existence and those around them and they frequently get told what to do and many of the things they are told to do go against their wishes. Since these actions are often done against their wishes, they do not feel good to do and they generate negative bad feeling emotions within them.

Young children also become more attuned to those around them at this point in their lives and if they come into contact with others who are experiencing negative emotion, they too begin to vibrate in harmony with the negative vibrations they are focused upon and this results in their experiencing of negative emotion, aging.

Then, as they focus on contrast, vibrations that are lower and slower in frequency than the infinite pure positive energy they were once attuned to as newborns, they experience more negative emotion as they come into contact with numerous negative vibrations and they give thought to these negative points of focus which causes further aging to occur. This stage then leads them into young adulthood.

At this point in their lives, most individuals are directed towards the acquiring of jobs and they are frequently pushed towards adhering to a mindset those who acquire jobs maintain, a mindset that involves the belief that one must focus on what they do not want in order to be successful.

This mindset results in many individuals studying endless contrast in schools. Otherwise, they must pursue jobs where they will be told to take numerous actions they do not want to do, actions that make them feel bad as they give them their attention. This occurrence results in the creation of numerous bad feeling thoughts and experiences due to their focus upon this aspect of their lives and it often results in a powerful attraction of negative vibrations that ultimately remain with them throughout the duration of their existence.

This portion of a person's life is generally where most people age the fastest due to their intense focus upon bad feeling points of focus and this aging can be seen as dramatic changes in a person's physical appearance. This negativity then tends to stick with most individuals and it continually attracts more negative bad feeling thoughts and experiences until death.

Marriage, children, and other occurrences commonly associated with maturity begin to arise in this stage of aging. While many of these significant occurrences are generally considered to be positive and may even feel good to those who experience them, additional stress, unwanted thoughts and experiences, and more exposure to negativity occurs during this stage of the aging process.

Negative emotion occurs in numerous forms during this stage of life as a result of attention being placed upon points of focus such as stress due to relationships with spouses, family members, or friends in combination or one at a time, but these negative experiences generally have an impact on one another and more negative emotion is thus experienced throughout all aspects of the individual's relationships if any of their relationships become negatively affected.

It is important to note that a substantial amount of positive emotion can still exist in these stages, the same positive emotion that was nearly all-pervasive in the individual as a newborn, but there is substantially more negative emotion present in these stages. This substantial negative emotion is the cause of aging and it attracts more negative experiences that continue the aging process.

Around this stage in a person's development, more severe negative emotion is often encountered through the deaths of others, fear due to financial and health concerns, more focus being placed upon society as a whole and the various issues that affect it, and concerns about their seemingly inevitable death. While a strong connection to pure positive source energy can still exist in this stage and will likely exist for many years past this stage, it is hampered by this focus upon negative points of focus, points of focus that do not contain the same amount of energy as the pure infinite positive energy that is the source of all life.

It is this disconnection from the pure positive energy that is the source of life which results in the process known as aging. As this disconnection becomes more apparent as more focus is placed upon negative points of focus, signs of aging in the individual become more pronounced.

During this stage where their focus is placed upon substantially negative experiences, such as the deaths of others, societal issues, the looming death of the individual, health issues arising due to extensive focus being placed upon negative points of focus, points of focus that do not allow the energy that is the source of life and well-being to flow, the signs of aging become even more apparent through the development of physical symptoms such as slow movement, pain, physical defects, grey hair, slowing cognitive abilities, etc.

While glimpses of the pure positive energy that is the source of all life is still available to those who reach this age, they only experience these glimpses for short periods of time and these experiences often become overshadowed by their disconnection from the pure positive energy that is the source of life and well-being.

As a result, their focus continues to be directed towards points of focus that are of a negative nature and they continue to cut their connection to the source of life to ever increasing degrees. This disconnection ultimately leads to their complete debilitation in both physical and mental capacities and death results. While death is an extensive disconnection from the source of life, pure positive energy, those who go through this experience merge back into the pure positive energy and experience consciousness from this perspective once again.

With this in mind, the importance of directing your attention towards good feeling thoughts becomes even more apparent. Now that you know how aging occurs, you can direct your attention towards the best feeling thoughts you can find to slow the aging process and prolong your life. This direction of thought towards good feeling points of focus will ultimately result in the slowing of the aging process, but it will also result in the attraction of experiences that match the thoughts you think, experiences that will make you feel the same way you feel as you think these good feeling thoughts.