The Nature Of Reality

While the nature of reality is commonly believed to be a large and complex yet stable system that exists independently of individual consciousness, the nature of the Universe differs from this concept from the perspective of the individual.

From the perspective of the individual, one must give their attention to a specific direction or portion of the Universe to gain access to it. As one gives their attention to any direction or portion of the Universe, they ultimately discover more of the Universe as a result.

While you may accept the idea that the world exists beyond the space you are in right now in your current reality, the perceivable Universe, you do not presently have access to that information and thus take it on faith that it is actually there. From your current perspective, the only way to really make the world beyond the space you are in a part of your reality is by going beyond it and once you are beyond it, you will then discover a whole new portion of reality you previously could not access. This holds true for all aspects of the Universe as well.

You can use this information to your advantage by deliberately directing your attention towards your desires to ultimately uncover more information about them. As a result of this deliberate direction of thought, you will discover more information about your desires and manifest more experiences involving your desires as a result. As you continue to give your attention to your desires, the reality that exists around you will transform to better match the desires you are focusing upon as you access more and more information about them.