The Nature Of Automatons

Automatons are individuals who only look at what is. Due to the law of attraction and the vibrational nature of the universe, automatons are constantly attracting experiences that match their present circumstances, for without the use of the imagination, they only vibrate in harmony with that which already is and thus attract circumstances that are a vibrational match to that which they are currently experiencing.

Visionaries on the other hand constantly make use of their creative powers through the use of their imagination and thus constantly vibrate in harmony with an enhanced reality that is based on their present experiences but nonetheless is a vibrational match to a whole new reality that will be the foundation of their future experiences, for as they give their attention to the thoughts they create using their imagination, they begin to vibrate in harmony with the vibrational frequency of those thoughts and thus attract experiences that are a vibrational match to those thoughts since the way they feel, their personal vibrational frequency, is their point of attraction and their thoughts, feelings, and experiences are always a perfect vibrational match.

By making use of your imagination unlike an automated automaton, you can create any reality of your choosing. By choosing good feeling thoughts, you can create a reality filled with experiences that are a vibrational match to those thoughts, a reality filled with good feeling experiences.