Signs Of Attraction

There are many signs of attraction that can be used to monitor your progress as you manifest your desires. The repetition of thoughts and experiences that relate to your desires for instance is a sure sign that you are aligning with your desires and attracting them into your life.

The magnification of your desires in your life experience can also be a sure sign that your desires are manifesting. For example, in the earliest stages of the manifesting process, your desires may appear in your daily life experiences only to a minimal extent, but as time goes on and as you give them more of your attention, your focus upon them becomes enhanced and more purely filled by your desires. This magnification of your desires indicates you are harmonized with them to the extent your focus in the present moment is purely filled by your desires.

Another sign that you are attracting your desires is the addition of more experiences involving your desires to your daily routine. For instance, if you are manifesting more money in your life experience, you may manifest multiple income streams and this addition of income streams indicates you are harmonized with your desires.

Also, when you find yourself becoming more familiar with your desires, you can be certain that you are attracting them into your life. This familiarity with your desires occurs due to the alignment of your personal vibrational frequency with the vibrational frequency of your desires. As you align with your desires, you will see more of your desires in your life experiences and you will become more familiar with details pertaining to your desires that you did not have access to prior to your alignment with them.