Mirrored Universe

The Universe is a mirror that reflects the picture of the Universe you project in your mind. As you make a change in your mind through thought, so changes the Universe around you. Every subject in your life experience is a reflection of the thoughts you think about each subject. For this reason, every thought you think that creates the Universe projected in your mind is equal in every way to the experiences you manifest as a result of thinking those thoughts.

By deliberately giving your attention to the most desirable thoughts you can conjure, you will then experience matching experiences. Even so, every thought receives its proper reflection in your life experience. For this reason, the manifestations that arise as you give your attention to your desires are intermingled with all of the thoughts you think.

You are constantly in the process of creating your life experience and every thought you think is incorporated into the average vibration of the thoughts you think that defines the nature of your present reality. As you give more and more attention to your desires though, and as you give more and more attention to thoughts you find to be absolutely blissful, your life experience will then begin to reflect those thoughts to a greater extent. Once the average thought you think perfectly matches the reality you want to create, your life experiences will then also perfectly match the reality you desire to experience.