Manifesting Multiple Desires

If you have multiple desires, these various desires are constantly interacting with one another thereby resulting in the life experiences you are presently witnessing. Any one desire is not necessarily better than any other, but you nonetheless likely do believe all of the desires to still be important.

As a result, your life will continue to unfold in a manner of your choosing, because the desires you believe to be most important will be the desires you give the majority of your attention and your life experiences will thus reflect these preferences you have developed.

To enhance the power of your desire though, you can withdraw your attention from other desires that are of less importance to you. Once you do so, you will then be able to give additional attention to the desires you believe to be of the most importance and those desires will then manifest at a much faster rate as a result.

Of course, if you choose to continue to give your attention to all of your desires without dropping any of them from your attention, your life experience will continue to unfold in a way that moves you closer to fulfilling all of them, but all of your desires will naturally manifest in their due time instead, such as at a time you feel is appropriate considering the multitude of desires you personally want to manifest.