Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance, contradicting thought, arises when you vibrate in harmony with a vibration that is so far away in frequency from the vibration of the subject not being fully comprehended that you do not have access to the thoughts that are vibrationally harmonized with properly understanding it. Many people experience cognitive dissonance when it comes to understanding the truth about the Universe either due to their lack of desire to understand it or they are vibrating at a frequency, often of a negative nature, that differs so greatly from understanding the true nature of the Universe that they cannot even begin to give their attention to the threads of truth that lead to a clear understanding of the whole picture.

Cognitive dissonance can also arise when you are giving your attention to something you want as well. This commonly arises when a large goal is being pursued, because the achievement of a large goal is often of a very high and fast vibrational frequency and if you have not been giving your attention solely to good feeling subjects, it is likely that your vibrational frequency differs so greatly from the vibration you would be maintaining if you achieved the goal that you cannot even begin to conceive how you would ever accomplish it.

While cognitive dissonance, or a lack of understanding, can arise in a wide variety of scenarios, you can easily close the gap between where you are and the subject you are not understanding by giving your attention to vibrational frequencies that are similar to the desired vibrational frequency.

As you give your attention to vibrational frequencies that are similar to the desired vibrational frequency, you will begin to vibrate in greater harmony with the desired vibrational frequency. And as you continue to get closer and closer to vibrating in harmony with the desired vibrational frequency, you will begin to understand how you can go about fulfilling your desire.

Once you are vibrating near the desired vibrational frequency, and you will know that you are once you feel similarly to the way you would feel if you had what you want right now, you will likely be in the process of developing a plan to accomplish the goal you have in mind.

The moment you find the feeling of having what you want and you are able to keep your focus pinpointed on that feeling and subjects that inspire that feeling within you consistently, your desires will begin to manifest. By the time your desires manifest, any and all cognitive dissonance will have then disappeared.