Every Thought Is A Glimpse Of Your Future

Every thought provides you with an experience that is similar in nature to seeing into the future. This relationship between future events and the thoughts you are currently dwelling upon is created by the law of attraction. As you think a thought about any subject, you begin to align with that subject. This aligning process can be witnessed by observing the way you feel as you give any subject your attention.

The more do you align with a subject, the more of that subject will you find in your future life experiences. This process occurs whether you believe it does or not too. This process also occurs no matter what time frame you are giving your attention. So, if you give your attention to past experiences through thought, while you may be thinking you are recalling past experiences, you are actually morphing the future experiences you will have to better match the events being recalled from your past. The same principle applies to thoughts of future events as well.

For this reason, it is of particular importance that you begin to give your attention to thoughts that make you feel good. By giving your attention to thoughts that feel good, you will be in the best position possible to attract good feeling experiences into your life.

The way you feel is your point of attraction. Due to this fact, your future life experiences will feel quite similar to the way you feel in any given moment. Many people give their attention to logical thoughts in hopes of creating a brighter future, but this process cannot work in the way they hope it will, because the process of thinking logically will only lead to more opportunities to exercise logical thought. In other words, the process of thinking about life in a logical manner will attract more experiences that make you feel the way you feel when you are attempting to think logically.

By giving your attention to thoughts that make you feel good simply for the reason that you want to feel good, you will attract more experiences into your life that will make you feel good. You can also seek out the best feeling thoughts you can find to drastically alter the experiences you attract into your life while knowing your future life experiences will make you feel the same way you feel as you think these incredibly good feeling thoughts.