Why You Should Believe In The Law Of Attraction

Many people are skeptical about the existence of the law of attraction. Those who doubt the law of attraction's existence often make references to physics and science, or they irrationally describe it as quackery, even though they neither understand how the Universe works from a scientific standpoint nor how the Universe works in the minds of those who believe in the law of attraction. This ongoing debate about whether or not the law of attraction exists should end here though, because this law is self-evident in everyone's life.

Look around you right now. Look at your life experience and the way it has been unfolding. Do you notice any relationship whatsoever between the thoughts you have been thinking leading up to this point in time and the life experience you are currently living?

This relationship between your thoughts and your life experience is not due to chance. This relationship has developed and unfolded due to the law of consciousness. While some may find it reasonable to doubt they can attract what they want just by thinking about it, it is impossible to doubt the fact that you always experience that which you think about in the moment you think about it.

This is true because you cannot experience two disparate experiences simultaneously. The moment you start thinking about that which you want to experience, you will literally experience it in your mind. When you give your attention to anything, you instantly experience the very thing you are giving your attention. There is no way around this fact. The Universe is simply made in a way that you can only experience that which you are experiencing in the present moment and you can experience nothing else unless you give something else your attention.

So, the next time you start doubting the existence of the law of attraction, simply step back from your thoughts for a second and acknowledge the fact that you immediately experience that which you give your attention. Acknowledge the fact that everyone immediately experiences that which they give their attention despite their beliefs concerning the law of attraction.

Due to the law of consciousness, the more you give your attention to anything, the more of that subject you are going to experience. This fact alone makes it blatantly obvious that the law of attraction is real, but it is best that you look for additional evidence if you are still doubting its validity.

Look around you right now. Have you not thought about everything you come across when looking around your life experience? That is why the law of attraction is considered to be self-evident. If you are finding it difficult to see the relationship between your thoughts and that which you are experiencing, perhaps it would be best for you to observe the life of another individual to view this relationship that exists between thoughts and experiences.

Find someone close to you and attempt to observe the thoughts, or at least the state of mind, that person maintains and the type of experiences they are currently going through. Identify that which they have given the majority of their attention. If you can, even go a step further and ask them what they give the majority of their attention to throughout each day. Once you have done this you will undoubtedly see a direct relationship between their thoughts and that which they are presently experiencing.

Thankfully, the law of attraction is entirely self-evident. The next time you come across someone who doubts the validity of this law, simply bring the law of consciousness to their attention. Bring to their attention the fact that they immediately get that which they think about. Bring to their attention the fact that their current life experience is full of whatever it is they have been giving their attention up to this point in time. Then, you will be in a position to open the eyes of others so that they too may see the light of truth shine upon their faces.