What Is Reality?

When most people hear the word reality, they often think of other terms such as down to earth and realistic. In this sense, reality is often considered to be that which everyone consistently believes to be reality. For this reason, reality is generally considered to be whatever everyone happens to collectively think it to be. While this reality everyone believes to exist can be your true reality, reality is much more personal than this. True reality is everything in life, existence, you have personally witnessed to be true.

Of course, you can say reality extends beyond this simple boundary, but this would be mere speculation, for you have not had any experiences that can prove this to be true. If you have never experienced a reality that exists beyond your life experiences, you cannot say it exists with absolute certainty. The only reality you can declare to exist with absolute certainty is the life experience you have lived up to this point in time.

This can be important for many reasons. If you have a tendency to believe what others say to be true, this information can be invaluable. By understanding the true nature of your personal reality, you can now direct your focus towards beliefs you personally believe rather than beliefs others around you want you to believe.

Truth is a very interesting topic, because the various truths an individual happens to believe throughout their lifetime often shapes the life they lead. The truths you believe in will ultimately impact your reality in some way. For this reason, it would be very wise of you to purposely direct your focus towards truths you want to see come to fruition rather than the random truths others around you would like you to believe.

Once you take the path of choosing the truths about the Universe you believe, you will likely see a dramatic improvement in your daily life experience as a result. This improvement will arise, because the way you feel is your point of attraction. When you feel good, you are attracting good feeling experiences into your life. If you focus on truths that do not make you feel good though, you will deny yourself experiences in life you would likely enjoy. As you learn more about the power of your focus, you will start to direct your attention towards truths that make you feel good more often. Once you have been giving your attention to truths that make you feel good for an extended period of time, the attraction between your desires and yourself will be very strong, because when you feel good, you are attracting good feeling experiences into your life.

As time goes on, you will likely come to believe in your ability to create your own reality, for you will be astonished by the amazing power of your focus and your ability to attract your desires into your life. By simply giving your attention to truths you would like to see become your reality, you will ultimately see your reality transform to match your intentions and desires.