What Is Truth?

The truth is everything in existence. The truth is all around you too. The truth is all that you see, taste, hear, and even think. By understanding this simple fact, you can start living the life of your dreams and you can expect to live in peace for the rest of eternity.

Many people go through life worrying about concepts such as reality, life, and death. Rather than worrying about these concepts though, you can simply step back from the entire picture of life and see the real truth.

Everything in the Universe exists. This is true yes? Since everything in the Universe exists, everything in the Universe, that which you sense and think about, is real.

While everything is the truth in this sense, you can even take this method of understanding the nature of reality one step further if you would like to truly delve deeply into the mysteries of the Universe. Consciousness is needed to perceive the truth. Since both the senses and thoughts are true, consciousness is necessary in order for the truth to be perceived.

Consciousness can only perceive that which is being focused upon in any given moment of time. In this way, consciousness forms its own reality. As a conscious being, you possess the ability to guide your attention around the infinite avenues of truth that are always available to you and you can thus create the reality you exist within.

Now, in order to create your own reality though, or in other words, in order to create your own truths, you must be willing to direct your attention towards that which you want rather than simply give your attention to whatever happens to be. When you give your attention to what is, you get more of what is. If you were to give your attention to what you want to be though, you would get more of what you want to be as a result.

By simply directing your attention towards what it is you want, you will instantly perceive what you want, a form of truth, and you will thus instantly get what you want. Since this Universe always gives consciousness more of that which it gives its attention, whether or not it wants more of it, you can expect to see more of that which you desire entering your life experiences as you give your attention to your desires.

Ultimately, you make your own truth. While everything is the truth, you do not have to give your attention to subjects you do not find to be desirable and believe them to be true. Instead, you can give your attention to subjects you find to be desirable and make them your own personal truth. Due to the nature of consciousness and the law of attraction being as hereby described, you will get more of that which you give your attention and you will enjoy future experiences more extensively as a result of your focusing upon that which you desire.