The Nature Of The Universe

The nature of the Universe is that of a vibrational universe. You are always giving your attention to a vibration and you become more alike to the vibrations that are given your attention, which thereby attracts experiences matching the vibration you are emitting, the way you feel. The point is though that you are always working with vibrations.

Some of the most prominent minds in history have contemplated the nature of the Universe. The nature of the Universe is also a focal point in the sciences as well. Everyone wants to know what the nature of the Universe is and why the Universe is the way it is.

Even so, you can easily understand the nature of the Universe by understanding the nature of infinity. Infinity is infinitely complex, infinitely dense, infinitely large, and infinitely everything. The Universe possesses these qualities due to its infinite nature.

From your current perspective though, you can simply view the large variety of objects you see in your experience as different vibrations. As you give your attention to any subject, or vibration, you begin to vibrate in harmony with that particular vibration. As you vibrate in harmony with a particular vibration, you attract experiences matching that vibration into your life.

You can use this fact of the Universe to your advantage by deliberately guiding your thoughts towards that which you want to experience. As you give your attention to experiences you want to experience, you will begin to vibrate in harmony with what it is you want to experience. Once you are vibrating in harmony with that which you want to experience, it will have to become your reality.

The nature of the Universe is infinite too, so there is no limit to what you can achieve in a lifetime. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve at any time you want by simply directing your attention towards what it is you want to experience. You can do anything you want in your imagination to find the feeling of having any type of experience you want to encounter.

So, if you have ever wondered what is truth, or what is the nature of the Universe, you now know that everything is true. That which you are currently experiencing, and that which you are experiencing at any given moment, is the truth in its purest form. The truth you are currently experiencing consists of vibrations too. The thoughts you think, the things you sense, and the experiences you have are all formed from vibrations. The various vibrations you give your attention, or in other words, the various subjects you give your attention, affect your personal vibration, the way you feel, and this vibration will define that which you attract into your life.

You can create any type of life experience you want to live. As you continue giving your attention to whatever it is you want to experience in life, you will continue to attract it into your life experience. You will also become better and better at focusing upon what it is you want to better enable yourself to create the life of your dreams as time goes on too.