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The Law Of Attraction And The Domino Effect

The law of attraction is a very powerful law, because it affects every moment of your life. When you are giving your attention to anything, you are attracting it into your experience. When you give your attention to what it is you want, you begin to vibrationally align yourself with it. Each step along the way is important though, because every moment you are giving your attention to what you want, or in other words vibrationally aligning yourself with what you want, you are getting closer and closer to the fulfillment of your desire.

You can easily say that each moment you are giving your attention to what you want is like a single domino crashing into the next domino and each time a new domino is knocked over, you are that much closer to the fulfillment of what you want. Once you have been giving your attention to what it is you want to the extent that you are vibrationally aligned with it, meaning you feel as if you already have it, what you want will have to manifest and it will have to manifest fast too. Each domino along the way is just as important as the last though, because as you continue to improve the way you feel, and make yourself feel more like the way you would feel if you already had what you want, you will continue to move towards the fulfillment of the desire and it will inevitably be drawn to you due to the law of attraction.

Whenever you feel good, you are attracting that which you want into your life. If you do not feel good, you are shutting down the inflow of good feeling experiences into your life. This is why the way you feel is a very important factor you must consider at all times to fully harness the power of the law of attraction.

As you continue to improve the way you feel though, you will continue to gain access to more and more information about the world, and as a result, many more preferences than you maintained in the past. This means you will be able to make yourself feel better and better as you improve the way you feel.

After you have continuously and deliberately improved the way you feel, you will be able to gain access to incredibly fast, high, and pure vibrations that will make you feel very good. If you can maintain the good feeling that is associated with thoughts of having what you want, what you want will have to manifest in your experience too.

It is also important to remember the fact that continuous attention to a subject creates a powerful domino effect as well. When you give your attention to what you want for extended periods of time, the attraction between what you want and yourself becomes very strong. As you continue to give your attention to what you want, you will begin to attract what you want into your life and you will find it becoming easier and easier to keep your focus placed upon that which you are wanting, because there will be evidence of what you want present throughout your physical experience.

Clearly the domino effect is a very powerful effect when it works in combination with the law of attraction. Every time you focus on a desire, you will be utilizing the domino effect. As you are focusing on what you want, the attraction between yourself and what you want becomes exponentially stronger and as you continually improve the way you feel, you will gain access to infinitely higher, faster, and purer vibrations that will make you feel very good.