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Vibrational Reality

The saying reality is what you make of it could not be more accurate. The imagined reality you give the most attention, and the reality you believe to be your actual reality, is the reality you will experience each and every day of your life. As you change the thoughts about the reality that exists around you though, the reality you experience will change as a result. Along with the sense-based reality most people commonly refer to as being reality, there is also a vibrational reality that exists as well.

A vibrational reality is rather similar to a sense-based reality, because like our sense-based reality, vibrational realities also consist of energy vibrating at specific frequencies. Many people refer to these vibrational realities as thoughts. When you think about something that does not exist in your sense-based reality, you are witnessing a vibrational reality, energy vibrating at specific frequencies you do not currently have access to purely through the use of your senses.

As you give more of your attention to the reality you want to experience through your senses though, you begin to align yourself with that vibrational reality and that vibrational reality will then become more apparent in your everyday experiences, your sense-based reality. While there truly is no difference between a vibrational reality and a sense-based reality, many people have developed the belief that their sense-based reality is the only reality that truly exists.

Even so, if you understand that vibrational realities are just as real as your sense-based reality, you are in a very powerful position indeed, because you can now experience any type of life experience you want at any time. By simply thinking of the type of experience you would like to witness, you will thereby encounter the experience through your thoughts. Of course, if you do not understand that vibrational realities are just as real as your sense-based reality, you will likely not be able to extract as much pleasure from the thoughts of these experiences as you would if you truly understood that these vibrational realities are just as real as your sense-based reality.

Everything in the Universe consists of energy. This energy is also vibrating at an infinite variety of frequencies. Your senses and your thoughts consist solely of energy vibrating at various frequencies. When you are giving your attention to whatever happens to be, you are witnessing vibrations that are present within your sense-based reality. When you have thoughts of experiences and things not present in your current sense-based reality, you are thereby experiencing vibrational realities.

Both of these experiences are equivalent in nature, because they both consist of energy vibrating at various frequencies. If you also understand that you are becoming more alike in nature to the vibrations that are given your attention, because you too consist of energy vibrating at various frequencies, then you know that you can give your attention to the realities you would like to experience more intimately to attract matching experiences into your life by aligning your personal vibrational frequency with them.

If you give your attention to whatever happens to be though, you will thereby align your personal vibrational frequency with it and get more of the same in your life experience. On the other hand, if you start viewing the world as you want it to be, you will begin to align with the reality you want to create and it will become your sense-based reality once you are completely aligned with it by feeling as if it is the actual nature of your current sense-based reality.