A Grand Unified Theory Of Everything

The law of attraction is a grand unified theory of everything. The law of attraction can be applied to anything and it describes the nature of everything in existence. The law of attraction simply states that like attracts like. This simple law explains the nature of the world around you and it explains the finest inner workings of the Universe with precision.

There is a very large amount of information that supports the idea that the law of attraction is the grand unified theory scientists have been looking for since the dawn of thought. For instance, stars form into galaxies, atoms form into molecules, and people form into cities.

Everything adheres to the very simple principle that things of a like nature are naturally attracted to one another. Although scientists have been delving deeper and deeper into the fabric of the Universe through the years, very little information has been obtained that can form a purely physics-based grand unified theory of everything. For this reason, scientists for many years now have found the task of combining the knowledge they possess concerning the various gravitational forces into a single theory that actually makes sense and can be applied to the world around us to be quite difficult to formulate.

The law of attraction differs in this sense, because it actually does work and it can be applied to everything around us. It is somewhat ironic in a way to see physicists chasing their own tails as they attempt to discover the primary constituents of the Universe and a grand unified theory that explains their operations, because the very process of using their consciousness to focus on these subjects results in the attraction of subjects that are of a like nature and they thus continue to obtain more and more information that relates to their point of focus rather than a final conclusion that ties everything together.

For example, physicists felt that the existence of atoms implied there truly is a grand unified theory of everything, but their focus upon atoms simply led to the discovery of smaller and smaller particles. Today, physicists continue to struggle with the task of explaining the operations of the Universe based on their knowledge of these tiny particles. If they were to simply step back from their research for a moment though, they would realize that they are creating the very discoveries they are making.

We are the creators of our Universe. Consciousness created the Universe and consciousness continues to create the Universe as it traverses the infinite dimensions of the world all the while developing ever expanding ideas. For this reason, as physicists continue to peer deeper and deeper into the fabric of the Universe, the Universe continues to produce smaller and smaller 'pieces' to fit into the infinite puzzle physicists are trying to put together. The process can never be completed in this manner, because their continued observations, hypotheses, and experiments can only lead to more information that must then be reviewed, pondered, and tested once again.

As you can see, the law of attraction even applies to those who are searching for a grand unified theory. As people go in search of a grand unified theory, they attract people, places, things, experiences, etc. that match their point of focus. For example, if someone were to go in search of a grand unified theory by using physics as their vehicle of discovery, they would simply start attracting more situations involving physics into their lives. The same process even applies to those who go in search of answers by using the law of attraction as their modus operandi though. As an individual focuses upon the law of attraction, they then begin to attract evidence supporting the existence of the law of attraction into their life. This process truly applies to all subjects in existence too.

The statement that like attracts like truly applies to everything, including ourselves. Everything is energy vibrating at specific frequencies. Your body too consists of energy vibrating at specific frequencies as well. Due to this phenomenon, as you give our attention to a specific subject, you thereby begin to vibrate in harmony with the subject being focused upon.

You can use this information to your advantage by simply focusing on that which you truly want to attract into your life. If you want to attract wealth, you simply need to place your focus upon wealth. If you want to attract good health, you simply need to place your focus upon good health. If you want to attract happiness, you simply need to place your focus upon happiness.

There are a variety of ways in which you can focus on your desires too. If you want to attract wealth, you can simply center your focus on subjects that signify wealth in your mind. If you think that nice cars, expensive houses, and great vacations signify wealth, then you simply need to place your focus on those particular topics to attract wealth into your life. The way you feel, your personal vibration, is your point of attraction though, because everything is vibrating at specific frequencies and vibrations of a like nature are attracted to one another.

For this reason, you can also attract your desires into your life by focusing on the feeling you would like to feel more often. If you would like to attract wealth, simply place your focus on the feeling of being wealthy. If you would like to attract good health, simply place your focus on the feeling of being healthy. If you would like to attract happiness, simply place your focus on the feeling of being happy.

You can also use your imagination to change your point of attraction, the way you feel, in any manner you please. By thinking about what it is you want, you will instantly feel good. If you continue to think about what it is you desire, you will thereby attract more of it into your life. The phenomenon of attraction will only first appear in the form of thoughts relating to that which you desire at first, but as you continue to give your attention to what it is you want, you will continue to feel more and more like the way you want to feel.

Once you feel fairly good as you give attention to your desire, you might then start attracting small experiences relating to it into your life. As you continue to give your attention to what it is you want though, the experiences you encounter that match your desire will continue to grow in number and intensity. Eventually, once you have given your attention to your desire for quite some time, your life experience will become a pure reflection of that which you are attracting and you will then have a whole new set of desires you can fulfill through the use of your focus. Once you feel as if your desire has actually manifested, it has to then become your reality due to the grand unified theory known as the law of attraction.